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PGL Season 1

Best Of 3
2015/08/26 21:00 UTC

Winner Na’Vi


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Na’Vi vs. VP @PGL Season 1

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Na’Vi didn’t really do much at the major. They were pretty disappointing, and while they were expected to go out against EnvyUs they shouldn’t have done as badly as they did. They played Titan on Overpass, a map that Na’Vi are known for being great at, and just barely beat them in overtime. Then they played Fnatic on Inferno, and while Fnatic were favored, no one expected a 2-16. Their second win of the tournament was against CLG, 16-14 on Cobblestone. Na’vi should have beaten CLG a lot quicker than that, and while it is a win it is not impressive at all. Finally, Na’Vi went out of the tournament by losing to Envy 0-2.

Virtus Pro were actually very impressive at the major. They beat Cloud9 16-8 in the group stages, which was great for them. They beat NiP 2-0, and looked great while doing it. When they played Fnatic, they almost won 2-0. They really should have won 2-0, if not for the Fnatic comeback. Now they shouldn’t have really let Fnatic come back, but Virtus Pro sure did look great that match.

Teams usually play differently after the major. Some teams start playing badly, but we can’t really know until they play. I advise you to be cautious before placing a bet on this match, as we don’t really know how either team will play.

My odds for this match: Na’Vi 35:65 VP

I think this game might get much closer than some believe.

The thing is Navi does not have that strong of a map pool if you compare them with VP.
The maps both teams like to play are cobble,overpass,mirage,inferno so i hope it will be 3 of this maps.
The maps which are in favor of VP are train and cache (NAVI will 100% veto cache).
The maps which are in favor of Navi are D2 (Pretty sure this will be VP´s first veto.

The danger is that VP can pick train on which NAVI lost 2 times against them so far (1 time in OT and 1 time after being tilt like always ^_^)

VP is known to be not the best team after a LAN but so is Navi. If there is a edge here in this matchup i think its a very small one for VP, the PGL league is for 110k$ so i guess both teams will try their best.

My bet will be low on NAVI just cause of the good odds for it.

Best of luck everybody and enjoy the match!

My odds for this match: Na’Vi 45:55 VP


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