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2016/09/14 00:00 UTC

Winner NRG eSports
NRG eSports

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Selfless vs. NRG eSports

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If the maps shown on ESEA website are correct than this is dust2 and the next map should be cobblestone, honestly I think this is the best case scenario for NRG, they had a lot of great matches on these maps, tons of close matches against teams like Immortals, Echo Fox, OpTic and even Cloud9, in fact they beat Cloud9, Echo Fox and Selfless on dust2, it may be their best map at the moment. NRG didn’t look nearly as good on cobblestone but still better than Selfless in my opinion, they made it to overtime against OpTic, wrecked Winterfox and played a couple of very close matches against CLG and Immortals.

Selfless didn’t look as good as NRG, but still great regardless, they also lost to CLG on cobble, got wrecked by Luminosity, Immortals, twice and managed to beat Splyce which is not surprising at all given that Splyce played with a stand in and absolutely no practice whatsoever. Selfless are also decent on dust2, very inconsistent though, they wrecked CLG and beat Winterfox, lost against NRG, Echo Fox and eUnited, their results are alright, but still slightly worse than NRG’s.

So this match seems to be very close and honestly making the right decision is very hard, but I’m feeling a 2-0 for NRG, I’d go with two small bet on NRG even though I’m not very confident with these bets, if I were to pick one map I’d rather go with dust2, seems like it’s NRG’s comfort zone.

My odds for this match: Selfless 40:60 NRG eSports


First map of the day between these two and we are on Dust2. Dust2 like I’ve said multiple times today is the most random map in the game, for me at least and where the most upsets random. Doesn’t require much tactical preparation and most players know it very well. This kinda reduces the skill ceiling on it a bit I feel, hence the more upsets but it is what it is. This is a map that NRG historically are good at, but then again I’d be intended to believe that so is this new Selfless roster seeing that they are a bunch of online aim gods. This matchup stands out to me for an interesting reason, I see NRG as a team with a lot of passive players who have more tactical awareness and what not rather than aim, and Selfless is the complete opposite, a lot of young good aimers so it will be interesting to see how this turns out. Kinda hard to separate these two, but I do think that NRG are the better team here as they have been together longer and they work better as a unit. If Tabsen, Ptr are on their game they can be deadly. Cut a long story short, super risky game so be careful here, however I do think that NRG should snatch it out here. 60-40 NRG


3% NRG under 67%, otherwise 3% Selfless

My odds = 60-40 NRG

My risk = High

My bet = 3% NRG under 67%, otherwise 3% Selfless

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: Selfless 40:60 NRG eSports

I’ve never really rated Selfless on Cobble and I don’t understand why they picked it vs RNG. I waited for the game to start to write this to see how good or bad they were thinking well they must have practiced it right? Well it doesn’t really seem like they have. I know brehze and noone like the map, so perhaps this is why. The other map is D2, which both sides are decent on. It has been a monster map for tabsen lately, and is also a really good map for ptr. Because of these reasons, I have to give the edge to NRG, but I would not be surprised if Selfless managed to put up a fight and perhaps take it too. Overall, I will go 2x LOW on NRG, but these are far from secure bets.

My odds for this match: Selfless 40:60 NRG eSports


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