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SK Gaming

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2016/10/27 17:30 UTC

Winner SK Gaming

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SK Gaming vs. FaZe CS:GO

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Interesting matchup, definitely one of the better matches for today, however, with all respect to FaZe, I think winning this match would be a really hard task for them. FaZe is still a fairly new team with karrigan, the entire structure of the team was changed and they have to play together for a bit longer to get “good” again. So far, FaZe managed to beat Cloud9, also lost to Cloud9 twice. Now, SK Gaming is definitely not the best team right now, not even close to the SK that won two majors back to back, but they are still somewhere up there, and their map pool is definitely the biggest advantage against FaZe, maps like train, mirage, cobble and overpass are better for SK Gaming, so all they have to do is just remove dust2, cache and nuke, the rest is great for them.

Once again I’d try a small bet on SK here, nothing above that as FaZe are definitely capable of beating teams of SK’s caliber, so let’s stick to that small bet.

My odds for this match: SK Gaming 60:40 FaZe


Alrighty so this one should realistically be going in the favor of SK. This is a Brazilian event and I mean you’d expect SK to do well here but I mean we didn’t see that yesterday so you never know. NiP is better than FaZe however and I mean no real shame in losing to NiP but it’s just the way SK lost, no idea what they were doing on their T side and even CT side. T side they’d just push B plat every round 1 by 1 and just get picked off 1 by 1 and then CT side they couldn’t make a comeback because lost to pistols twice, just not good, to be honest. I expect SK to bounce back here mainly because FaZe right now I’m not convinced. FaZe had a decent E-League, however, lost to C9 yesterday after a poor CT side on Dust2 so that’s that. FaZe can win this, they don’t win BO3’s against good teams, however, a BO1 is where they can really shine so don’t count them out here. The FaZe roster right now I’ve no idea what they are doing apparently Kio is back for Jkaem if Jkaem performs badly and I mean wow such pressure lol. SK are the better team with the stronger map pool here and should be looking to recover here for the sake of Brazil. 65-35 SK


5% SK under 72% otherwise 2% FaZe

My odds = 65-35 SK

My risk = High

My bet = 5% SK under 72% otherwise 2% FaZe

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: SK Gaming 65:35 FaZe

I find it quite hard to believe FaZe with their quite basic map pool so far and their heavy aim reliant game play will be a good match for the SK boys. The SK guys are heavily organised and these two play styles usually do not come out that good. FaZe were unlucky to lose yesterday and honestly SK were just beaten by a better team yesterday, but I do expect SK to turn it on in front of their home crowd. Thinking about the maps, we won’t be seeing D2, Cache, Nuke, a slim chance for Overpass, I don’t expect Mirage either, or Cobble, which leaves Train. I think picking Train would be a mistake for FaZe and honestly if I was them i’d veto it to shock the SK boys. Overall though, if we end up on Train, I can see SK taking this one. LOW on SK for me.

My odds for this match: SK Gaming 60:40 FaZe


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