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SK Gaming

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2016/10/26 20:30 UTC

Winner NiP

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SK Gaming vs. Ninjas in Pyjamas CS:GO

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This is one of the most interesting matchups for today, I’m really hyped for this match, although I’m already fairly confident that we will see SK Gaming taking it, they are still in top3 of worlds best teams and NiP are not only inconsistent, but not as good as people think, another big advantage for SK Gaming here is the event being hosted in Brazil, believe it or not, home soil advantage is actually a thing, not to mention that SK Gaming were on a bootcamp before this event, they really want to win this event.

NiP are going through all those issues with the fifth player and stuff, for now it’s Maikelele, but it looks like pyth will be coming back soon, they looked pretty good with Maikelele so far, but it’s definitely not a team that would win the entire event here, I’m sure they can make it to semis, but in my opinion, NiP are simply not good enough to win the entire event here, and I’m sure NiP are not happy that SK Gaming is their first opponent.

I have no clue what’s the map veto process on this event, I assume each team will ban 3 maps and the last one will be played, in that case I would expect overpass or cobble, pretty sure SK Gaming would ban cache, dust2 and nuke, while NiP definitely don’t want to play on mirage and train, both teams are very good on overpass and cobble, so it’s very likely that we will see one of these two maps, I’d favor SK Gaming in that case.

Seems like SK Gaming should be the winning team here, I’d go with a small bet since it’s still very risky, but I’m actually very confident here.

My odds for this match: SK Gaming 60:40 NiP


This is probably the hardest match of the day here. I will however straight off the bat favor SK here as I think they are the stronger team here, however, have their problems surrounding them too. Rumor going around that Fnx is getting replaced by Felps, however, Taco said in an interview recently that such isn’t the case but I mean what do you expect him to say? ”Oh yeah sure m8 he’ll be gone so fast and we got Felps as a replacement all is good fam” like no he won’t say that 😛 Then again, I mean Felps is super hot right now however I was a fan of Fnx and still am so eh it’s tough. This just makes it trickier to judge what SK’s mindset is like going into this game. Then again NiP doesn’t impress me much either, they haven’t been in the hottest form and I do not think that Friberg, Maikelele, and Xizt are quite on the same level as the SK guys, I mean of course good and Friberg has improved a lot recently but do I see him keeping it up or being a huge difference maker here? Meh, not really. Of course NiP can easily take this they are NiP after all, however, I am feeling an SK here. I think that SK has to fight and prove again that they are the world’s best team and this tournament would be a good step in the right direction. They are 3rd in the HLTV rankings right now and I think they will feel the need to prove themselves. 55-45 SK


3% SK under 62% otherwise 3% NiP

My odds = 55-45 SK

My risk = High

My bet = 3% SK under 62% otherwise 3% NiP

My advice= Same as my bet

My odds for this match: SK Gaming 55:45 NiP

Really hard to call game to be honest. SK have been really up and down lately but seemed to find some form at the last event, before VP took them out, which was not really a surprise. NiP are the same to be honest. They won 1 event, but then went out in the groups at the last one, despite not dropping a single series, so you can’t read that much into that to be honest. Thinking about maps, I could see Train being played, or perhaps a cobble. Overall a hard to call game, but I am feeling SK just a tiny bit for this game, but it really could go either way. Right now, I would suggest a LOW bet on SK.

My odds for this match: SK Gaming 55:45 NiP


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