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2016/08/28 12:30 UTC

Winner Space Soldiers

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Space Soldiers vs. Bravado Gaming

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Yet another underdog bet, if you watched yesterdays matches you’ve probably seen that DarkPassage almost managed to eliminate Space Soldiers, not surprising as DarkPassage are pretty good, but that’s not my point here, my point is that Bravado are slightly better than DarkPassage, which means their chances to beat Space Soldiers are even higher yet the odds are even worse. Bravado didn’t drop a single map on this event, their way to the grand final wasn’t that easy as most of their matches were very close, 16-14 against Swift, 19-17 against DarkPassage, 16-10 against FENNEC, and finally a quick and easy 2-0 over c5 which actually surprised me, so yea Bravado are definitely not bad and they are doing their best to win this event.

Space Soldiers destroyed their opponents in the group stage, they beat Damage Control 16-5, c5 16-9 and carboN 16-9, so that was a quick 3-0 for them, they struggled in the playoffs though, as I already said they barely beat DarkPassage even though it looked very easy at the start, Space Soldiers went 13-2 on the CT side on dust2 which is an insane half and normally it’s an auto win from there, but DarkPassage also showed a very strong CT side, unfortunately not as strong as their opponents, they managed to win 11 rounds before falling and lost the map 13-16. Second map was a straight up stomp as DarkPassage went 14-1 on CT side cache and finished them off 16-5. The last map was mirage and I already knew that Space Soldiers will take it, wasn’t easy though, they struggled at the start, but their T side was just too strong and they took it 16-12.

So this time we have the grand final and I really feel like it’s going to be closer than people think, Space Soldiers will most likely end up winning here, but Bravado’s chances are definitely higher than the odds would suggest, it’s definitely worth a small bet on them, especially if Space Soldiers will suck on cache again.

My odds for this match: Space Soldiers 60:40 Bravado

Bravado and their young superstar, have surprised a lot of people. SS have also been playing well, but you can see they are missing TuguX a bit, who I believe is also their IGL, but I might be wrong on this. They really struggled against DP, who have shown a level I honestly didn’t think they had. Bravado have won all their games so far without dropping a map and will be coming into this match full of confidence. With both sides having already qualified, the pressure is off some what, and this is a game that honestly could go either way. I so still fancy SS, but if Sonic can show his level again, and SS are a bit off, they have a chance here. Bravado to win at least 1 map is an excellent bet, and LOW on them is also a good but riskier one.

My odds for this match: Space Soldiers 60:40 Bravado


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