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2016/04/25 00:00 UTC

Winner Cloud9


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Splyce vs. Cloud9 at ESL

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So first map between these two here of the day, and actually no idea why Lounge is taking so god damn long to add these matches, however we are on Cobblestone. Both teams know how to play Cobble, however really up and down on it, like recently C9 has been looking trash on it however obviously roster changes, n0thing settling into the IGL and what not, overall I would not look at C9’s past results in too great detail. Obviously C9 announced that Slemmy is joining them as the IGl, however he is not playing here as he is not allowed to because of the ESL rules, Shroud said that most likely their coach Irukandji will play, however then asked Summit if he is down to play, not sure if serious or not, however we do not know the 5rh of C9 for 100%. Splyce will not have Shahzam either here. Honestly Splyce in the current shape, I do not rate them too highly however they are pulling off results, especially that 2-0 over CLG the other day, but after watching CLG vs OpTic yesterday, CLG are just in a mess right now, however credit where it is due. I do not think Splyce should be beating C9, however they are more than capable if they show up, however unfortunately it is hard to predict hwen they will show up, they mostly do when they want to break your dreams and are winning matches they have no business winning. This is also an important match for C9, if they 4-0 their remaining 4 maps, obviously, they will make the LAN  as Shroud said, however obviously with no Slemmy and having to use a standin, it’s looking tricky. Overall, I would personally not bet on this if I was you. C9 are in a tricky spot right now, we do not know the 5th and Spylce just likes to play with people. 65-35 C9


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My odds = 65-35 C9

My risk = High

My bet = Skip

My advice = Skip

My odds for this match: Splyce 35:65 Cloud9

Simply put, this is a MUST win for C9. They HAVE to win this game on Cobble, or they can’t make the top 4 and the LAN finals. This game means nothing for Splyce, but they are the type of team that will try no matter what. Cobble is not the best map for C9, but it is still a decent one, and under Slemmy, I expect they will have worked on it knowing how important this game is. It is the most important game they will play in the close future, and I expect them to take this. It would be a big upset if they lost, and a LOW/MED bet on C9, because of the importance for them, would make sense.

My odds for this match: Splyce 35:65 Cloud9


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