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2016/06/11 19:15 UTC

Winner EnVyUs

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Splyce vs. EnVyUs at ESL

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Jesus christ never thought I would be giving Splyce 30% vs Envyus in a game of CSGO, but hey, we’ve made it Mom! So ahm yeah, it is difficult to judge Envy, on the first day they beat Immortals who then get beaten by Tyloo, and then lose to Gambit, however Mou did have a really good game and Envy just seemed off, plus these are BO1’s so yeah. Kinda funny to think that the core of Envy lineup have a pretty decent chance of getting upset by Splyce lol. But ahm, I do not rate Splyce, do not think they are very good man for man but hey they keep putting up results, on LAN at least so I guess I am kinda forced to respect them here. I do think that Envy should be winning this, if they don’t, it really is quite disappointing. Envy have recently made Devil the in-game leader of the team and I am not sure how I feel about that, plus they lost Maniac recently so that can never be too good. Like Envy should be able to outaim the SPlyce guys here, especially if there is one thing Splyce are good at, it is more their team work in some situations than aim. Overall, 70-30 Envy, the fact that this is a BO1 is killing me but oh well.


5% Envy under 77%, otherwise 2% Splyce

My odds = 70-30 Envy

My risk = High

My bet = 5% Envy under 77%, otherwise 2% Splyce

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: Splyce 30:70 EnVyUs

Option 1Bet EnVyUs if odds 77% or less

Small (5%)

high risk

ENVYUS are not looking too hot right now but imagine losing your chance to qualify for a $1,000,000 major by dropping a best of one to Splyce, that would be the most embarassing thing in ENVYUS’ career and I highly doubt Splyce would be able to beat them here, they did win a map against Renegades 16-14 and got 9 rounds against HellRaisers, but overall they are not very good as a team and Splyce’s situation is pretty stupid in general, they don’t seem to practice that much as they’ve been using a ton of different stand ins for like half of their matches in the past few months, some crazy stuff is going on with this team.

ENVYUS looked great in their first match against Immortals, they destroyed them 16-6 on dust2 and managed to win 11 rounds in a row as it was 6-5 for Immortals at some point, it was a very impressive win for ENVYUS, but their second match didn’t look nearly as good as the first one, Gambit was ENVYUS’ their next opponent and it was cobblestone which normally should be easy for the french powerhouse, but that wasn’t the case as ENVYUS made a ton of stupid mistakes with all those crazy SMG buys and stuff, they lost that match 10-16 and I’m pretty sure they would beat Gambit if they were just a little bit more serious about it.

This time ENVYUS have a weaker opponent, one of the worst teams on the entire qualifier, additionally Splyce’s best maps are cobblestone and train while ENVYUS are even better on these, I really can’t see Splyce winning this match and possibly knocking ENVYUS out of the major, but you never know with frenchies… I’d suggest a small to medium bet on ENVYUS here, they should be able to win and will probably end up destroying Splyce.

My odds for this match: Splyce 25:75 EnVyUs


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