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2016/06/09 14:15 UTC

Winner HR

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Splyce vs. HR at ESL

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HR are a side that can be consistent sometimes, but their individual skill is way above that of Splyces and they should go into this game the heavy favourites. We have all seen what can happen in BO1’s from time to time, and they can be random, and that is basically how Splyce qualified for the last major. They played well, in a BO1, and managed to win the key rounds and the pistols, and get through in the end. I can see this being on a map such as Cobble or Cache, and I would have to favour HR on any of these maps. Splyce are a side that rely on teamwork more than anything to get them wins, with a little bit of star quality from DAVEY. He will need to go massive tomorrow if they are to have any chance. The odds for a BO1 are honestly really bad and I will most likely recommend a ICB on Splyce or SKIP but I will leave it as this for right now and edit it tomorrow closer to the time.

My odds for this match: Splyce 25:75 HR

Splyce is probably the worst team on this qualifier if you don’t count Fluffy Gangsters who shouldn’t even be here in the first place, either way, Splyce don’t practice too much, they used a ton of stand ins for many different events lately, they also haven’t played a single official match in over a month, the last one they played was a best of three against CLG on Dreamhack Austin where they used summit and freakazoid as stand ins, so I wouldn’t really look at their results because it doesn’t matter at this point.

HellRaisers is one of the best and my favorite tier 2 teams right now, they’ve been stomping teams like Lounge Gaming, ENCE, dignitas, SK Gaming and more, 2-0’d on CEVO Season 9 Professional Finals, and played two very close matches against and Na’Vi during Starladder Finals around two or three weeks ago. HellRaisers is a great team and with the addition of bondik their fragging power is even better right now, they still don’t have the proper chemistry with him, but they will get there eventually.

So basically HellRaisers are the clear favorites here, their players are way better individually, and also HR’s map pool is way wider than Splyce’s that’s a massive advantage and I believe HellRaisers will take this match quite easily.

My odds for this match: Splyce 25:75 HR


This is one that should be going in the way of Hellraisers, however it is a BO1 and NA vs EU, we do not see these teams against eachother often so it is quite difficult to measure the skill gap between regions, well..I lie, not in this scenario, in this scenario Hellraisers should just smash Splyce really. Splyce just always cause me problems, I look at the roster and they should not be accomplishing anything, take Davey out and Arya out and that roster is dead, however yet they still manage to creep up every time and just destroy me, it is so annoying. The team player wise just does not compare to Hellraisers, at all and HR should in theory just be able to out skill them. With the addition of Bondik for HR I think the team has become one that is really scary and can fight many of the best teams here, and really once again should not struggle vs Splyce. We have not seen Splyce play since the beginning of May, while we saw HR at Starseries so ahm yeah haven’t seen much of these two, especially Splyce however do not have high hopes for Splyce here. For me this is a 80-20 game, HR should win as long as they are just not completely sleeping. I’d still be careful though as it is a BO1.


8% HR here

My odds = 80-20 HR

My risk = Medium

My bet = 8% HR

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: Splyce 20:80 HR


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