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2016/04/29 11:00 UTC

Winner OpTic Gaming
OpTic Gaming

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Splyce vs. OG at CEVO

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SPLYCE had a great match against yesterday, they nearly beat VP 2-0 but kinda choked on the first map and lost it 14-16, won the second map and got wrecked on the last one, they put up a good fight overall and it is quite sad seeing them lose like that, however I predicted to win so I’m happy with the final result.

People may think that SPLYCE are actually really good since they had a good match against VP, however are in a slump and they usually play worse against weaker teams, I wouldn’t give too much credit to SPLYCE for this match to be honest. Another thing is that SPLYCE always struggled against Optic and I don’t think they could beat them on such a big lan event.

Optic is one of the best teams in North America at the moment, they have one of the most talented and clearly the most underrated player in the entire NA region – stanislaw, this guy has a big impact on their team and he’s one of the reasons why Optic is so good, additionally Optic signed mixwell recently and he’s a massive upgrade over ShahZaM, that’s a huge boost for Optic.

I can’t find any reason to bet on SPLYCE here, everything is going in favor of Optic, they are way better than SPLYCE, extremely talented players, better map pool and all that stuff. Medium bet on Optic is what I would do here, there is a small chance for SPLYCE to upset but I don’t think we will see that happening today.

My odds for this match: Splyce 30:70 OpTic Gaming

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Splyce is surely but slowly developing to be the bane of all my problems. Predicted a whitewash 2-0 for VP yesterday, nope, in theory Splyce should have 2-0’d that game however some pretty big mistakes prevented them from doing so. Whenever I give Splyce little to no chance, they shut me up and perform really well, and when I do give them a good fighting chance, oh look, Splyce nowhere to be found. Overall I do not really think that this roster is very good, however they are getting the results, not consistently however getting them so I mean, got to appreciate that I guess. I feel like OpTic should just be taking this, two NA teams going against eachother and sure Splyce has a fair fighting chance here, somewhat, I’d expect OpTic to pull through. Think that the addition of Mixwell makes the team really strong and while these two have not faced off with the current rosters, this should be a W for OpTic. Overall I would still have this at a high risk, Splyce like I said, I  just do not want to deal big time versus them so just playing safe. You could go medium OpTic here, however I am not feeling it. 70-30 OpTic


5% OpTic under 77%, otherwise 2% Splyce

My odds = 70-30 OG

My risk = High

My bet = 5% OpTic under 77%, otherwise 2% Splyce

My advice = 5% OpTic under 77%, otherwise 2% Splyce. If feeling risky, go medium however I am not feeling it.

My odds for this match: Splyce 30:70 OpTic Gaming

Option 2Bet Splyce if odds 23% or less

Small (2%)

high risk

Tough game to call as it comes down to which OpTic and which Splyce turn up. Splyce have taken maps off them before, and actually beaten them in a series, but it was when OpTic were in a worse place than right now. They were not in their element yesterday, and despite a good start, just got out skilled by HR. We shouldn’t read too much into that, or the way Splyce played against VP. These two sides know each other well, and will feel comfortable playing one another. I do think that Splyce for sure has a chance here, but I kind of feel OpTic will show up today, and get the win. Their map pool matches up well against Splyce, and as long as they are below 70%, I would drop 5% on OpTic, and over 70%, 2-3% on Splyce.

My odds for this match: Splyce 30:70 OpTic Gaming

Option 2Bet Splyce if odds 30% or less

Small (3%)

high risk

Option 3Skip


Don't waste money on this match.


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