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2016/09/14 01:00 UTC

Winner Renegades

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SPLYCE vs. Renegades

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D2 as I keep saying is the most random map in the pool. Just look at what happened today on it for an example of this, or RNG smashing Liquid and SK. Those results will most likely make the odds for this one completely off, which makes this bad as I do expect RNG to take this one. From the games I have seen from Splyce, they are slowly getting there, but they don’t seem at the right place yet, to take down a side such as RNG. The second map tonight is Nuke, which Splyce has played 0 times, and RNG has played it once, taking down SK after a really poor half, so honestly predicting anything on this map is almost impossible. I will go LOW on RNG 2x and hope they can close both out.

My odds for this match: Splyce 50:50 Renegades

This is nuke and Renegades have been trying to pick this map whenever they could, they recently played against SK Gaming on it and showed some great stuff, they were down 5-10 after the first half, but they were insane on CT side and won the half 11-2, the final score was 16-12 for Renegades and that’s a pretty good result, SK Gaming are considered as #1 team in the world after all. That was the only match Renegades played on nuke, so there’s not much to say besides the fact that they’ve been doing pretty well lately.

Splyce haven’t played a single match on nuke, on top of that Machinegun flew to US like 5 days ago so they barely had any time to prepare for this match, I actually watched a couple of Rank S games and Machinegun’s english is freaking terrible, he can’t even understand the basic callouts, I’m sure Splyce will need months to fix their communication issues, and honestly I don’t think they practiced nuke at all yet, they have tons of important stuff to do and nuke is definitely not their priority.

So far Splyce played 6 maps wich Machinegun, they got 2-0’d by OpTic, barely beat subtLe, paiN and Winterfox and lost 14-16 against Immortals, quite impressive that Splyce actually won 14 rounds against Immortals though. Either way, I think Renegades will take this one, nuke is their map afte all and Splyce most likely have not practiced it at all.

My odds for this match: Splyce 35:65 Renegades


2nd map of the day between these two and this time we are on Nuke. Probably the 2nd most unpredictable map right now and they are playing it alongside Dust2, sick veto by RNG…..just kidding, horrible veto lol, if they can go 2-0 they have to be really pleased with themselves here. Renegades are the better team, however when it comes to a BO1 on Nuke with the fragging power of Splyce in the likes if Machinegun, Davey and Crucial you can’t really count them out at all, give them both pistols and a steady economy and they can punish you. I don’t expect Splyce’s communication to be on point and I think it has shown in their recent matchups however they are still a scary unit and with time they will probably do a lot better. Overall gonna keep it short, super risky since Nuke and not quite sure what t oexpect from a new Splyce and a inconsistent RNG, however RNG should edge it on a normal basis. 65-35 RNG


5% RNG under 72%, otherwise 2% Splyce

My odds = 65-35 RNG

My risk = High

My bet = 5% RNG under 72%, otherwise 2% Splyce

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: Splyce 35:65 Renegades


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