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2016/11/02 00:10 UTC

Winner Liquid
OpTic Gaming

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Team Liquid vs. OpTic Gaming CS:GO

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The matches between these two teams are always fun to watch and usually hard to predict, this time it’s even harder as both teams just came back from ESL Pro League Finals, it was by far the worst tournament Liquid played, they started off with 2-16 loss against OpTic on train, which is Liquid’s best map, followed by a 12-16 loss against  mousesports, 4-16 against ENVYUS and finally, a 16-14 win against Immortals, they played really bad though.

OpTic played way better as they even made it to playoffs, 16-2 win against Liquid as I already said, also wrecked Immortals 16-4 on cobble, lost 10-16 against mousesports and 5-16 against ENVYUS though, also got wrecked by Cloud9 in round of 6. OpTic had a good start, but couldn’t hold up against stronger teams, they played very well though.

So, OpTic are better at the moment, but we have a tricky situation here, I don’t know how’s the veto process on ECS, so it’s really hard to predict the maps, but if I had to guess, I’d say we should see cobble and train, which is definitely better for OpTic, so I’d go with OpTic here and decide what to do on the second map by the time they play this one.

My odds for this match: Liquid 45:55 OpTic Gaming


Not quite sure if this match will be played at all. The previous two ESC matches got postponed and I kinda expect the same fate here however Rush tweeted that they are playing so that’s that. Of course Liquid had a horrible showing at the ESL LAN just a few days, excluding their last match where they came back from 13:2 down versus Immortals to win and knock them out of the tournament lol. But yeah Liquid did lose Peacemaker and we saw the consequences of that at the LAN and lets just say it is hard to be a Liquid fan right now. It is a BO1 however and of course everything can happen in these, however, OpTci has been in good form and demolished Liquid at the LAN and Liquid are notoriously a bit of a LAN team so my hopes are a bit short here. The thing here is that both teams just recently arrived home like I’m not even sure that all of the players are home since Hiko made a tweet 8 hours ago that he has another flight to take, so I mean either the players are playing dead tired or they are postponing this. I will favor OpTic here like I said however, it pains me to do so however they just look a lot stronger and they have some insane fire power if all their players are on form. Overall 55-45 OG here.


3% OG under 62% otherwise 3% Liquid

My odds = 55-45 OG

My risk = High

My bet = 3% OG under 62% otherwise 3% Liquid

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: Liquid 45:55 OpTic Gaming

Well another two ECS games where they don’t release the maps. Awesome. As far as I remember, you have a home and an away team. For the first game, the home team removes 2 maps, and the away team picks from the remaining ones, and on the second game it is vice versa. Thinking about each sides maps they might remove, I would guess Liquid will remove Mirage and perhaps Overpass. For OpTic, for sure a D2 ban and then the other could really be anything. I would guess though, even maybe cache. This would then leave OpTic to pick cobble or Train, and Liquid to take maybe one of those too. Overall, a hard to call game, with OpTic in better form, i’ll go 2x LOW on them.

Edit : First map is out, and it is Nuke. OpTic don’t really have any good results on it yet, Liquid have a few, so i have to risk it on them.

My odds for this match: Liquid 45:55 OpTic Gaming


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