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2016/11/12 19:20 UTC

Winner Renegades

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Team SoloMid vs. Renegades CS:GO

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This one I do not like, too close. I personally do not recommend betting on matches like this unless the odds are really off. It’s just a rule of thumb most of the time, don’t bet on true 50-50/55-45 matches unless the odds are skewed for either team in which scenario you all know what to do. Here I do think that Renegades are slightly better, both form wise and overall. Renegades were at the Asian minor of course where they made it to the finals before losing to Tyloo in a super close series. Thing is, Renegades historically can be so up and down but actually, right now I think that this Renegades roster is the strongest that it has ever been. Of course, they have the absolute talent of JKS and AZR but Ustillo and Rickeh have been phenomenal for them too and it is no longer a 2v5 with JKS and AZR forced to have a good series or they lose, now they actually have teammates which are good. With TSM you never know, they themselves also have the talent in Sick and Twistz who when on the form have insane fragging power, however, the key word with these youngsters is on form and unfortunately this is a BO3 so you do not have a lot of time for messing around. Honestly this could easily and probably will just come down to pistols and who is feeling it on the day, and I think that Renegades are the better team nad have a higher chance of turning up, it’s just how these matches go and that is why I avoid 50-50/55-45 matches. Not the best bet but yeah, 55-45 Renegades here


3% Renegades under 62% otherwise 3% TSM

My odds = 55-45 Renegades

My risk = High

My bet = 3% Renegades under 62% otherwise 3% TSM

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: Team SoloMid 45:55 Renegades

Hard to call game to be honest, but one that I do favour RNG on a little bit. The TSM boys seem to be really inconsistent recently, and go from looking really organsied and have great team work in one game, to having no synergy the next. They also lose a lot of rounds by doing dumb peaks, and that really is their biggest issue. They need to learn how to sit in, and their young players need more guidance. The problem is, semphis is the dominating voice in their side, and he peaks even more than the rest. Going into this game, I can see it being on d2 or Cobble, and with both sides inconsistent, it is a hard one to call. I do have to favour RNG just slightly though.

My odds for this match: Team SoloMid 40:60 Renegades

Close match between two semi-decent teams, Renegades recently came back from the PGL Minor where they made it to the finals and almost won the entire event, the last best of three against TyLoo was really close as Renegades made it to double digits on both maps, they also beat CyberZen twice and beat MVP Project pretty convincingly on one of the maps, they looked great overall. Renegades also played really well in the North American region before flying over to Asia for the minor, they beat teams like Selfless, NRG, CLG, Liquid and many others, really good performance from Renegades over the last few months.

TSM didn’t look nearly as good as Renegades in the recent weeks, they got 2-0’d by CLG, Cloud9, OpTic and Immortals, barely beat teams like Selfless, Echo Fox and compLexity which is pretty embarassing as well, they did win a couple of maps against SK Gaming and OpTic though, so TSM is not the most consistent team, but they have those good moments, acutally, TSM was the only team to beat SK Gaming on train for like 5 months or so, which is quite impressive. TSM became much worse when autimatic left the team, he was their key player and many people didn’t see that, their fragging power is still insane with Relyks, Twistzz and SicK in the lineup, but they lack in support players and that’s their biggest problem right now, they’ve been losing so many matches becauase of their bad team play lately, it’s just insane.

It’s hard to say what maps are we going to see here, I really don’t know what to expect, but maps like dust2, mirage and maybe even cobble should be very good for the Renegades’ side here, they are also better at the moment so I’d try betting on them here, but it’s still extremely risky and I wouldn’t bet too much here, just a small bet.

My odds for this match: Team SoloMid 45:55 Renegades


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