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Operation Kinguin

Best Of 3
2016/07/19 18:00 UTC

Winner TeamX

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TeamX vs. Orbit at Operation Kinguin

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Man this match is freakin scary, ever since Orbit were known as E-Frag they had a lot of those 50-50 matches and it’s always scary because they always show a great performance for few weeks and then suddenly get wrecked and it could happen again today as TeamX’s lineup is stacked, they have gla1ve who played like a god on ESL One Cologne with Astralis, valde who is probably the best up and coming player right now, Friis & MODDII from ex-SK and Snappi are also very good, the lineup looks even stronger when Orbit’s, but it’s all due to their individual skills, Orbit’s teamplay is definitely on another level.

Looking at the results of these two teams I have to say that TeamX are not very consistent which is obviously not surprising as they are a new team, they recently lost against Escape Gaming, and Epsilon twice, beat Preparation 2-1 and 2-0’d PENTA quite convincingly, pretty shaky results overall. Orbit on the other hand, managed to beat PRIDE, Escape, Space Soldiers, Kinguin and tied against AGG although it should have been a 2-0 for Orbit but they choked and lost in multiple overtimes, great results besides one match that Orbit somehow lost, it was a best of one against PRIDE and they lost 12-16, no idea what happened, the second series against PRIDE looked really easy for Orbit though.

This match is extremely risky but I believe in Orbit and their consistency, it’s way too risky to bet on TeamX as they can basically lose to anyone at the moment, their team is still fairly new so just give them some time and they will get better eventually, for now I’d rather go with Orbit though.

My odds for this match: TeamX 40:60 Orbit

Hard to call game here between two sides that on paper should be pretty even. Both sides have been in fairly good form, although the old SK boys will be unhappy to lose against Epsilon twice, albeit one of them in close fashion. The last time these two met, ex-SK came out on top, in a fairly one sided game on Cobble. Overall though, MK come into this game in better form and will feel confident taking revenge here. I do feel the roster of ex-SK to have a higher skill ceiling, but it remains to be seen if they have untapped this potential yet or not.

The map pool of the old SK boys could also come into play here, as they used to be really weak on inferno and D2, and always veto Cahce. Inferno is open here, so expect a D2 or inferno pick from MK. I expect the MK guys to remove Cobble as they got smashed on it last time, then the ex-SK guys will pick Mirage or Overpass. The 3rd and deciding map will be between Train, Overpass and Inferno. I would favour MK on Inferno, SK on Overpass, and Train is pretty 50-50.

Hard to call game but I am leaning slightly towards ex-SK due to their h2h’s and skill ceiling.

My odds for this match: TeamX 50:50 Orbit

Option 2Bet Orbit if odds 48% or less

Small (3%)

high risk


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