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2016/07/17 02:13 UTC

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TSM vs. Kaliber at iBUYPOWER Cup

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Lets just skip this one. The odds right now are horrible, do not think that this match is a 91-9 and we are already going high on C9, and like going high on this one you could justify but eh, I wouldn’t risk it. TSM has been on a very big rise in the past few months, what started out as a ”Joke” team within the community has very quickly progressed to being one of the best NA teams we have, for sure and they have been showing it in 1. The way they play and 2. The results they are getting. The best part is that Sick and Twistzz are both very young with tons of potential, so we might and should, when these two start developing even more see a even more deadlier TSM, exciting stuff. TK is not a bad side, not at all. If you look at the players they have, they have some up and coming names in there I’d say,……and Ocean. I mean when you have Ocean in your team you 1. Can’t be too good 2. Can’t be expected to be taken serious. Can’t count out No_One and Brehze however, but meh, TSM should still win, they are stronger in every way. I am just not feeling this match and that is why I’d recommend a skip.


Skip this, not feeling this match at all, TSM should win

My odds = 80-20 TSM

My risk = Med

My bet = Skip

My advice = Skip

My odds for this match: Team SoloMid 80:20 Kaliber

I think people underestimate how good Kaliber actually are, they didn’t play too many streamed matches lately so people probably just forgot how good they used to be, for those who don’t know Kaliber used to beat teams like Immortals and compLexity, also had a lot of extremely close matches against teams like Echo Fox, CLG, NRG eSports and TSM, not to mention that Kaliber are currently 12-1 in ESEA Premier, that one single loss was against Echo Fox.

TSM played a ton of great matches lately, they even managed to upset fnatic on mirage and Astralis on cobblestone – both on lan, also beat Cloud9, CLG, Optic and played few close matches against Luminosity, FaZe and dignitas, so TSM are definitely on fire right now, but it’s been almost a month since they played an official match and don’t forget that TSM used to struggle before ELEAGUE, they were getting wrecked by CLG, Tempo Storm and even struggled against weaker teams such as Selfless and RivaL, I’m sure they could lose to any team regardless of how good they are right now.

Okay so I still think that TSM should be heavily favored, but not as much as the odds would suggest, it should be closer to 65-35 for TSM, Kaliber is a great team and they can definitely upset, an ICB on them won’t hurt.

My odds for this match: Team SoloMid 65:35 Kaliber


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