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2016/04/30 19:30 UTC

Winner TStorm

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TStorm vs. VP at CEVO

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Didn’t realize these are BO5’s until just now and damn, caught off guard I must say. This being a BO5 makes it quite hard, the veto is easy however trying to predict how the series will go obviously becomes harder. VP will ban Dust2, TS will ban Overpass, then they each pick a map and just comes down to the order which is not too important, VP probably picks Train first, then TS Cobble and so on, however the order should not matter too much. This on paper should be a great series for the spectator, however for us bettors this is pretty rough, not the greatest of matches to bet on I must say. With both of these teams, I am still just really on the fence about their consistency, more so VP of course. Tempo I am gaining a bigger idea of where they stand at around at this moment, however VP are just I don’t know, even this LAN they’ve been looking really cold, then hot, then cold and just trying to predict which VP turns up here is really hard. This is a atmosphere and conditions that VP shines and should continue to shine in. Semi-Finals of a LAN, VP has been here plenty of times and experience wise alone is why I want to favor VP here. Tempo from what I have seen have a quite a big history of failing to close maps and what not, and I do feel that it is a problem with the amount of pressure they are put under in these circumstances, so they are definitely very prone to mistakes. Also, VP historically are the better team of course, just slumping right now however theoretically speaking LAN’s are what always have been somewhat decent for them, even after their poor online showing. Overall, not the greatest of matches to bet on, however 55-45 in favor of VP here, could really just come down to which of the two sides show up here.


3% VP under 62%, otherwise 3% TS

My odds = 55-45 VP

My risk = High

My bet = 3% VP under 62%, otherwise 3% TS

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: TStorm 45:55 VP

Option 1Bet TStorm if odds 38% or less

Small (3%)

high risk

Really close BO5 coming up here. It will largely depend on which VP we get today. If we get the one who destroyed OpTic, then expect this to be a comfortable win for VP. If we get the one we have seen for the majority of the time recently, then this could be a close one. Looking at the maps, it should be fairly simple who eliminates what. VP I am sure will go for their default D2 ban, with Tstorm I hope going for a Train one. This then leaves Mirage, which I would say just about favours VP, but Tstorm for sure have a good chance at taking this. Inferno favours Tstorm, VP do NOT like to play it, and are not good at it either. Cobble has looked really weak for VP this event, and Tstorm love this map. I would expect Tstorm to take this as well. Cache is a tough one. It used to be a really good map for VP but they slowly got worse on it over time. I don’t really rate Tstorm on it, even though they did beat Dignitas. The last map is Overpass, which is a map Tstorm don’t like, and a map that VP are ‘okay’ on, but not great. This is a pretty even game, slight advantage to VP perhaps, but I would go LOW on Tstorm at these odds, but only a few %.

My odds for this match: TStorm 45:55 VP

Option 2Bet VP if odds 50% or less

Small (3%)

high risk


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