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2016/09/09 14:15 UTC

Winner Astralis

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TyLoo.CS vs. Astralis

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So, we have two matchups featuring Asian teams today, this is the first one and then we also have ENVYUS facing VG.CyberZen in the decider of Group D, we might see one of the Asian teams in the playoffs which is cool. TyLoo is not just another Asian team, they are in fact the best in the Asian region and they rarely lose any maps there, TyLoo lost only 3 maps in the last three months, I’m talking about Asian teams here as TyLoo also faced teams like Epsilon, Heroic and few more, they lost most of the matches against “foreign” teams but their record in Asia is still insane, not to mention that TyLoo actually upset Na’Vi in the first match before falling to Heroic, very impressive stuff.

On the other side we have Astralis who I think will stop TyLoo’s run on this event, even though Astralis played pretty bad lately I still feel like TyLoo is a bit overhyped at the moment, people keep highlighting their wins against very strong teams while not saying anything about their losses against tier 3 teams. TyLoo attended ESL One qualifiers where they bet Immortals, barely won against Splyce and got wrecked by Cloud and dignitas, PGL Summer was yet another event where TyLoo struggled, they lost against Epsilon and Heroic, that event was held in China and I expected a bit more from TyLoo there.

Astralis are kinda inconsistent right now, they still keep beating teams top teams like Na’Vi yesterday, FaZe, ENVYUS and more. I think they will beat TyLoo 2-0 here, I don’t necessarily have a reason to think that way, I just feel like Astralis are way better and TyLoo is a bit overrated, on top of that we always see TyLoo beating teams on mirage, it is their best maps and when TyLoo had to play cache or cobble they just got wrecked. So yea, Astralis is my pick, nothing more than a small bet due to high risk though.

My odds for this match: Tyloo 35:65 Astralis


Bit of a tricky one to be honest, I could see it easily go either way here. Thing is, both beat Na’Vi somehow lol but both also lost to Heroic, same score so that is that. I do think that Astralis are the better team here, however something strange has been going on with them for the longest of time. I do think they are a good team obviously, and they have been bootcamping so that is a good thing and what not, however I mean they still lost to Heroic so that’s that. People have been making claims that Heroic is better than Astralis and I mean, results back it but I don’t think so, think Astralis are just somewhat slumping and accompanied with the fact that not many teams concentrate on Heroic’s, plus a honeymoon period > Good team, we’ve seen it a lot. Tyloo of course the best Asian team, whenever they have attended an EU LAN they have seemingly impressed, and you can’t count them out, you don’t beat Na’Vi by a fluke, not at all. I do think that they will struggle here tho, think it will be close but Astralis coming out on top. If the Astralis key players show up they should win, Dupreeh, Kjaerbye and Device is a super sick combo I think, and I personally want to see them do well, but they are incredibly inconsistent, for now at least. 65-35 Astralis


3% Astralis under 72%, otherwise 3% Tyloo

My odds = 65-35 Astralis

My risk = High

My bet = 3% Astralis under 72%, otherwise 3% Tyloo

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: Tyloo 35:65 Astralis

I honestly really really hope that Tyloo can take this one but I do have to favour astralis. Tyloo have shown some really impressive things and I really expect them to be a top 10 side in the future, but they aren’t their yet, and their T sides still need a lot of work. Astralis had an almost mental side changing game against Navi, where they came through it and will be a long stronger and believe more in themselves for doing so. The T sides of Tyloo are still a worry, and with the solid CT sides of astralis, I have to favour them for this game. I would not be surprised if Tyloo took a map, and that is perhaps a good bet. LOW astralis for me but with a side of caution.

My odds for this match: Tyloo 40:60 Astralis


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