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Unity (ex-TBA)

Global Grand Masters

Best Of 3
2016/08/18 15:00 UTC

Winner Unity (ex-TBA)

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Unity (ex-TBA) vs. Team Spirit

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Unity (ex-TBA)

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Honestly just skip this. This is two inconsistent sides coming up against eachother, and while I will favor Spirit here a bit, it can honestly go either way. The Rogue guys are not bad, not at all and can easily take this, heck experience wise they are probably the better team, skill wise….I’ve no idea who is better, pretty darn close it’s just that Spirit has been together for a lot longer, the core at least and they have also been putting up really good results for some time now, and while they also have slipped up easy matches here and there, that is to be expected from a team like Spirit. This is GG Masters and I mean first place gets 10,000$, not the best, however not those crappy 2,500$ tournaments either so that is a plus of course and should be safer to bet on.The Rogue guys have been around for a bit, however they have not been playing a lot of matches or attending many events so it is still quite early to get a good evaluation on them. I think they will be a decent team, HS is sick, however they need more fragging power and if it just stays like this, not much hope. I think Spirit will win and should take it tightly, however I won’t bet on this. I know Spirit can be very up and down, and the Rogue guys just too unpredictable at the moment, so I rather take this as an opportunity to examine them. We have so many matches today and this just isn’t worth. 60-40 Spirit


Skip this, honestly not worth it

My odds = 60-40 Spirit

My risk = High

My bet = Skip

My advice = Skip

My odds for this match: Unity (ex-TBA) 40:60 Spirit

Spirit stepped it up a lot lately, I was watching their match against ENVYUS yesterday and for a while I even thought that Spirit will win there, they won the first map very convincingly and mirage was next, it is their best map so I expected more, but ENVYUS destroyed them 16-6 on both mirage and cache, but still that’s not the only good match Spirit played recently, they beat a lot of decent teams such as LGR, Pride, Tricked, Gambit and even MK. I’m still not convinced though, Spirit used to be extremely inconsistent and always played bad against mix teams, and guess what, they are facing a mix here.

Rogue or ex-Unity is cadiaN’s mix, they did a good job winning Group A on this event, the group was pretty hard, MK and Escape are really good and Pride are not bad either, other than that, Rogue also beat Kinguin in a best of three which is a great result, I’m sure they can easily upset Spirit here, not saying it will happen for sure, but this match is going to be closer than people think, definitely worth a small bet on Rogue.

My odds for this match: Unity (ex-TBA) 45:55 Spirit


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