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2016/09/09 18:00 UTC

Winner EnVyUs

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VG.CyberZen vs. EnVyUs

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This is also a tricky one, mainly beacuse who knows what to expect from Envy and the Asians. Both beat Virtus Pro pretty easily however both also got rekt by Cloud9 so that’s that. I believe that Envy are the better team and should be winning, however I don’t know, they still look like they want to rather swim in a pile of poop than play CS together lol. Happy looks more miserable than he ever has, and that is not good, communications is key at the top level and that is what often times separates teams apart, especially since these Asians mechanically seem really sound. I can easily see the Asians upset here, wouldn’t surprise me at all judging by the current state of Envy, but they should still be favored I feel. The lack of NBK is a big one, Sixter isn’t the greatest of players and while he seems to be the least depressed player on that Envy team, he isn’t contributing that heavily in terms of impact I feel. The fact that this is a BO3 is what I think will make Cyberzen struggle here. Overall, 70-30 in favor of Envy


5% Envy under 77%, otherwise 2% Cyberzen

My odds = 70-30 Envy

My risk = High

my bet = 5% Envy under 77%, otherwise 2% Cyberzen

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: CZen 30:70 EnVyUs

Envy actually looked good yesterday. Yeah that’s right, seems weird huh? I hope today we see the same Envy, I think I even saw Happy actually pushing and killing people that weren’t meaningless. My mind was blown too. It is hard to judge the level of Czen right now. They beat a reaaallly poor looking VP side, and then got rekt by a really strong C9 side. I would say they are a bit in the middle. Not bad but not great. Envy to me are like a sleeping giant. The amount of skill possessed in 4 of their team is enough to make even the best sides in the world shake in their boots. If Envy can show anything like this level, they will take this game. If they go back to Happy baiting, it will be close. LOW Envy for me.

My odds for this match: CZen 35:65 EnVyUs

I had a bad start today, both Godsent and FaZe got upset, not too surprised with Godsent losing to dignitas, but FlipSid3 beat FaZe 2-1 after going 1-20 in the maps in the last few weeks, pretty sad but well, it happened.

This match could be yet another loss, I’m going with CyberZen and it may not be the best idea, so if you’re not confident with them here then skip, I feel like they have a very good shot at taking this match, this is the best time to upset ENVYUS like that, they have a stand in for NBK who was their key player lately, SIXER is replacing him and he’s not that great of a player, in fact having SIXER and DEVIL together is even worse, they are both pretty weak individually.

CyberZen may be the weaker team here, but people underestimate them, they did very well against European teams in the past and even wrecked yesterday, but they got wrecked by Cloud9 and looked terrible in that match, ENVYUS did lose to Cloud9 aswell, but overall they played slightly better in my opinion, and well, ENVYUS are better as a team, they used to be #1 after all.

I’m not entirely sure what’s CyberZen’s map pool, they keep beating Asian teams on all maps so it’s quite hard to tell, they are very good on mirage though and that could be a game changer against ENVYUS. I’m playing the odds here with a small bet on CyberZen, could be a bad idea but the odds are insane.

My odds for this match: CZen 40:60 EnVyUs


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