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2016/09/13 19:00 UTC

Winner Fnatic

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Virtus.Pro vs. Fnatic

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Fnatic have not really looked that convincing since they formed their new roster. They split a series with HR, split a series with FaZe and I would not be surprised if they split a series again today. VP looked so bad at Starseries, and the main issue for them is, they are now online too, where they are usually worse. Looking at the maps, Cobble and d2, one of them stands out already right away. VP don’t play D2, and have never played it and you would have to heavily favour fnatic here. Cobble is a bit harder to predict and it largely depends on which VP turns up today. I would not be surprised for anything on the first map, but D2 feels like a safer bet. I will go fnatic twice and hope they can prevail, but will raise my bet a bit higher for D2.

My odds for this match: VP 35:65 Fnatic


2nd match of the day and it is Dust2. Now, Dust2 is not a map that Virtus Pro play much, that doesn’t necessarily mean they are bad on it since they do have some good results on it and they have left it in here so maybe they have something up their sleeves, however just be aware that VP doesn’t enjoy playing Dust2. Then again Dust2 is notorious to be a upset map so that is that. It’s hard to judge this match seeing how VP seemingly suck right now, even on LAN where they are supposed to be better on compared to online, so that is a worry for VP. Fnatic are of course a new side and we don’t really know what to expect, I am not a fan of Wenton and Lekr0 but of course they can prove me wrong. I have a feeling that VP are the better team, but that doesn’t stand for much when they can’t beat the likes of Cyberzen and Penta in recent times. Overall, 60-40 in favor of Fnatic here. Risky match so be careful


3% Fnatic under 67%, otherwise 3% VP

My odds = 60-40 Fnatic

My risk = High

My bet = 3% Fnatic under 67%, otherwise 3% VP

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: VP 40:60 Fnatic

So this is the second match of this double header and this time we have dust2, usually tried to void this map, which is kinda weird given that they always do very well on it, recently wrecked dignitas with a complete stomp on T side (13-2), also beat NiP in ELEAGUE if I recall correctly, so yea, always did well on dust2. Same goes for fnatic, they are great on that map, it’s probably one of their best maps at the moment, they recently managed to beat mousesports and got 13 rounds against Gamers2 on it, overall they looked better on that specific map, but I’m still not convinced with their new lineup, it’s still a mix basically.

So the problem here is that I really feel like Fnatic should have a small advantage here, but then again, are slightly better at the moment, at least in my opinion, and they are very good on that map, but honestly I’d stick to my initial plan which is a small bet on Fnatic, mainly because of how often remove this map.

My odds for this match: VP 45:55 Fnatic


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