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Best Of 3
2016/04/28 13:50 UTC

Winner VP
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VP vs. Splyce at CEVO

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I totally don’t understand the current odds here, SPLYCE is one of the most inconsistent teams in North America and I always said that they are not very good, obviously they had a couple of lucky matches and even beat Liquid recently, but right now they are facing a way better team, SPLYCE also have to travel all they way from North America, they will be jetlagged and all pressure is on them today. are clearly not in the best shape right now but I don’t think it will really matter this time, they got wrecked by few weaker teams like FlipSid3 recently, but all those teams are way better than SPLYCE and the matches were played online, now we have on lan and that’s a real deal.

Honestly, should be able to take this very easily, I’d be very surprsied if SPLYCE beat them in a best of three, no way this is going to happen.

My odds for this match: VP 85:15 Splyce

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Don't waste money on this match.

Predictor Hot Pick Think at 70-30 this is a steal, hope it stays that way.


So a BO3 between these two right now and we find ourselves at 70-30 in favor of VP. Surely this goes down as if Splyce stays close to 30%, this might be the biggest steal of the year so far. Sure VP is slumping right now, however they have obviously made strides online in the right direction recently, mainly capitalizing from their opponents mistakes and just overall failures, however still, credit where it is due. VP is notoriously the NA crusher, they demolish NA teams, or well did so that is not a good sign for Splyce. LAN VP is completely different to online VP, and it has always been that way, however I feel this year so far it has been more than ever. Online VP are looking god awful, however the past few LAN’s they attended, sure they weren’t winning, crushing everyone, however way more stable and convincing. Splyce, I do not rate them at all. They will attempt their shouting tactics here probably and that is not going to faze VP, not at all, they are experienced a ton and if there is one envoirment they shine in, it is a LAN while Splyce will be sweating. Overall man for  man, I do not even think Splyce is good for top NA standards as it stands right now, give Davey and Arya a bad game and GG WP you’ve lost. Splyce has been getting some decent results in NA recently, however eh, Liquid is a joke at times, CLG is a big joke currently so kinda explainable. Splyce are really unpredictable themselves, however this should be too far for them.


10% VP here.

My odds = 80-20 VP

My risk = Medium

My bet = 10% VP

My advice = 10% VP.

My odds for this match: VP 80:20 Splyce

Simply put, I don’t see how Splyce wins this game. Even with VP slumping right now, they go into this game the heavy favourites, and a slumping VP is still far too strong for an average Splyce. If you look at Splyces recent results, apart from the Liquid game that I don’t even know how to comment on, they have not played well at all. Their CLG win basically means nothing because CLG didn’t care, and also lost to WFX, which says all you need to know. I cannot see a map that Splyce will be too strong for VP on, and this should be a comfortable 2-0 win. MED on VP seems the only choice.

My odds for this match: VP 80:20 Splyce


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