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2016/05/19 09:30 UTC

Winner VP

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VP vs. WorstP at Starladder

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I’m pretty sure most of you already seen WP’s matches against Copenhagen Wolves and DenDD, or at least the results because that’s the main point, Worst Players lost 3-16 twice against Copenhagen Wolves, and also got wrecked by DenDD with similar score on both maps, I believe it was 9-16 and 5-16 or something close to that. Worst Players is a brand new mix team of s1mple’s friends and I believe these two were their first matches together, so we might want to give them sometimes before criticizing their current skill level, they are pretty bad right now though. is a team that I hate the most when it comes to betting, I tend to skip their matches because of their extreme inconsistency, this time however, I am very confident with my bet on them, doesn’t matter how bad are at the moment, Worst Players is not a team that could beat them in a best of three, I would be extremely surprised if VP even dropped a map but knowing their inconsistency it’s quite possible to be honest, no way they lose the entire series though.

Very confident with VP here, I’m maxing on fanobet ($1500) and I’d say this is the safest match we’ve had in the last few months, safe enough for multiple max bets like this.


My odds for this match: VP 95:5 WorstP

Option 2Skip


Don't waste money on this match.


Ok lets apply some logic here. WorstPlayers got invited to this LAN out of nowhere, they will not have to travel far as they are all from Ukraine and the LAN is in Ukraine, however still unprepared and what not, plus they are a new team. I also much rather like to believe that these guys are onliners rather than LAN’ers, and oh my if they are getting absolutely demolished, and I mean it, by CW and DenDD then SURELY, SURELY they can’t upset VP who have been preparing for this LAN, are known to be quite the LAN kings and need to prove themselves desperately and are like x2-3 times better compared to CW and DenDD, SURELY. Overall not much to say, VP should take this, LAN BO3 and WorstPlayers are literally looking like worst players so not much hope for them here, however S1mple is scary, however lets just hope he can’t 1v5. 85-15 VP


15% VP

My odds = 85-15 VP

My risk = Low

My bet = 15% VP

My advice = 15% VP

My odds for this match: VP 85:15 WorstP

I don’t see any way that VP loses this game unless the bodies of the players are suddenly taken over by Kristyboi and his friends and then even then, judging by the way WP have played their first few games together, I still don’t see them doing that good. Even a poor VP should be too much for the guys here and unless s1mple has the game of his career, I cannot for the life of me see how VP loses this game. Now with the whole overpay mystery right now, betting on this game might be a little pointless, but if you can max, or get overpay or whatever, then a MED/LARGE bet on VP in hope that overpay still exists seems to be the smartest bet.

My odds for this match: VP 80:20 WorstP


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