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2016/05/21 09:30 UTC

Winner Godsent

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WorstP vs. Godsent at Starladder

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So GODSENT lost to Dobry&Gaming as expected, this time they have a weaker opponent, but I feel like this match is going to be more exciting since it is an elimination match after all, the loser will get knocked out, and the winner will face either Na’Vi or HellRaisers, which is pretty dope.

Worst Players have nothing to lose coming into this match, they just formed this team and already played extremely well, they had a very close series against and 2-0’d SK Gaming which is insane for a “new” team. I’m pretty sure Worst Players didn’t expect to get this far on this event, especially after their terrible performance online, they got wrecked by DenDD and Copenhagen Wolves and these matches were not even close.

I honestly feel like GODSENT will win this match with ease, I just can’t convince myself that Worst Players are actually good, maybe they were lucky in these two matches, I don’t know, either way, I’m going to beto n GODSENT and would highly suggest doing the same, they are way more skilled and I’m gonna be surprised if they lose.

My odds for this match: WorstP 30:70 Godsent

Not really sure what I am meant to call on a game like this. Let’s look at both teams. Godsent looked incredibly strong against FS, and then came up against their arch nemesis CSGL, and got completely raped. It was embarrassing. Now looking at WP, they had 2 online games, were made to look like literally the worst players, then came to this event, did really well against VP, and then destroyed SK, although they were unbelievably terrible. It is really hard to gauge how good or bad both sides are as we have not really seen enough from either. The one thing we do know, is Godsent have some fantastic players, who can cause any team in the world problems. I do feel that Godsent will most likely take this game, but it is a hard one to call as I said. Judging from what we do know, I would put the real odds at around 65-35/70-30 in favour of Godsent, and would suggest a LOW bet on Godsent here.

My odds for this match: WorstP 35:65 Godsent


Never thought I’d say this but this is actually a tough one to call, lol. On one side you have Godsent who had a pretty good showing at DH Malmo, however since then online have been underwhelming, had a poor minor and yesterday got absolutely, absolutely trashed by CSGL, Pronax going 1-19 in the 2nd map lol. But then again CSGL has a history of constantly getting the better over Godsent, however not this heavily. On the plus side Godsent did have a good first game versus F3, so that is a good sign. On the otherside, we have the heroes WorstPlayers who are just recently a team, arrived into this event after two very poor online destruction games versus DenDD and CW, nobody has any hope for them yet they should have upset VP and and then destroy SK, like what is this, and then VP also go to pretty easily beat Hellraisers to make it more confusing. I do think and hope that Godsent will be able to come back here strong and firing, because quite honestly I do not think that this WP roster is very good, not at all, apart from S1mple I have 0 hope. 70-30 GS


5% GS under 77%, otherwise 2% WP

My odds = 70-30 GS

My risk = High

My bet = 5% GS under 77%, otherwise 2% WP

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: WorstP 30:70 Godsent

Option 2Bet WorstP if odds 23% or less

Small (2%)

high risk


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