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2016/08/18 15:00 UTC

Winner NiP

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X vs. Ninjas in Pyjamas

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The Pro League just started yesterday and I’m already a bit annoyed, all those shuffles, players being on vacation and stuff made these matches nearly unpredictable. This time we have NiP who almost 2-0’d yesterday, they managed to bring it back to overtime on overpass then everything went wrong and NiP lost 17-19, so they went 1-1 against their first opponent. Team X played against FaZe and lost both maps, they were close on train but mirage was an absolute stomp, they also played a best of three for Starladder against FaZe right after those two maps and that was mind blowing, after getting wrecked in ESL Pro League they managed to destroy FaZE 16-4 on mirage and 16-0 on cobblestone, that was just ridiculous and I don’t even know what to expect at this point.

Either way, Team X showed how great they are on cobblestone, 16-0 is not something we see very often, especially against one of the best tier 2 teams, stomping FaZe will definitely give Team X a lot of confidence coming into this match and I’m sure they have a very good chance to beat NiP on that map, definitely worth a small bet on the underdog.

My odds for this match: X 50:50 NiP


First match of the day between these two and we are on Cobblestone. So ehm Team X 16:0’d FaZe on Cobblestone yesterday lmfao, something you do not get everyday. There was something very strange about this series however, you see just before the BO3 between FaZe and Team X, they played Two ESL BO1’s, and team X lost both of them, and then proceed to 16:4 and 16:0, hmmmm. Something tells me FaZe was trying to lose, or the competition just didn’t mean anything to them so that is that. Not saying they threw for skins, but I’m saying that they perhaps don’t care about that tournament and therefor lost. You just don’t go from 16:5’ing your opponent on Mirage, to just losing 16:4 30 minutes later, like come on. NiP are the better team, they did good versus Virtus Pro yesterday who have been on the rise. Of course, NiP are the better team, however you can not count Team X out. NiP, excluding yesterday are not looking the best, especially compared to the form of Team X, however they have added Disco Doplan because ”Pyth has an injury” and he did really well, really versus VP yesterday individually, and if he can keep it up here I think NiP will win. It is a BO1 however so it is always tricky, but you realistically just need GTR, F0rest performing here and you’ve pretty much won. The thing is, Team X are getting results, but like look at that roster. WOAH FRIIS BOYS, SNAPPI, MODII…Just aren’t players that realistically on a consistent basis should be competing with the likes of NiP, however it is once again a BO1 so that’s that. Overall, 60-40 in favor of NiP here. I do not rate X as a team, however they are getting results so you are kinda forced to respect it.


3% NiP under 67%, otherwise 3% X. On Hub it will be marked direct NiP bet since we are still working on the new API since Lounge is [*]

My odds = 60-40 NiP

My risk = High

My bet = 3% NiP under 67%, otherwise 3% X.

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: X 40:60 NiP


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