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Dota 2 Predictions

Defense of the Ancients 2 - Tipify

Dota 2 is one of the most popular games within eSports. It’s also a popular game for betting with hundreds of games each month. We have the biggest collection of Dota 2 tipsters in one place and our tipsters are constantly on the lookout for good odds and they post their Dota 2 predictions every day of the week.

Looking into Defense of the Ancients 2

Firstly, let’s learn how the game works before starting to bet on Dota 2 matches. By learning its gameplay and mechanics, you’ll be placing wagers strategically, rather than purely basing it on luck and emotions.

Defense of the Ancients 2, or popularly known as Dota 2, is a free-to-play Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game created and launched by the game developer, Valve. The MOBA game was based and is a sequel of an earlier version of DotA, which is the similar game along with few modifications here and there.

A Dota 2 game starts with two teams of five players with the identical goal of destroying a huge structure called as the ‘Ancient’ which is hidden inside of each team’s bases that they also need to defend. Then, the ten players may choose from over 113 characters that they will control throughout the game. The characters are coined as ‘heroes’ that have their own unique abilities, strength, and weaknesses. The players with their controlled heroes are able to level up and become stronger as the match evolves. They can also choose to create unique builds with upgradable armors and weapons. Ultimately, Dota 2 is known to demand deep practice and game knowledge and complexity. It may require you to read and understand its ins and outs before playing a game of Dota 2 or betting on any matches.

Betting on Dota 2

After learning the fundamentals of Dota 2, we can now go ahead with placing bets. For that, we need to learn the ways we can place bets on Dota 2 matches.

Moneyline – Just like in sports, you’ll be putting your money on whoever wins the match. Now in esports tournaments, the matches may be spread into best-of-one matches to best-of-seven matches.

Totals – In Dota 2, placing total bets means that wagering on a total number of kills by both teams in a single game. So, if you think the teams going head-to-head will showcase a bloodbath of kills, then total bets are perfect for that.

Outright – This betting option refers to the overall outcome of a tournament or league. An example of an outright bet in Dota 2 would be the champion of The International. But, online sportsbooks may offer different outright betting types.

Currencies Available

Skin Betting – Coincidentally, Valve developed games have included skins in their game. But, Dota 2 skins are not tradable in-game and has a lower value compared to CSGO skins. Although, sportsbooks still accept skins in exchange for placing bets on their website.

Fiat and Cryptocurrency Betting – Most online sportsbooks accept USD or EUR to be able to place bets on their websites. Luckily though, with the emergence of cryptocurrencies today and Bitcoin as the leading and holds the highest value among cryptocurrencies, online sportsbooks also accept virtual currencies to be able to place wagers on Dota 2.

Check out the matches below for the upcoming Dota 2 games with betting options available. Each game features a collection of odds providers for Dota 2 betting. We’re tracking these odds so you can wait for the odds to rise or bet before they fall.

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The list below shows all the matches available for Dota 2, the green ticks indicate the predictions from profitable tipsters, the red ticks indicate the predictions from all tipsters.