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Dota 2
ESL One Katowice

Best Of
2018/02/23 14:00 UTC

Winner Evil Genuises
Evil Genuises

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Newbee vs. Evil Genuises Dota 2

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ESL One Katowice major has been great so far. Lots of great games including some upsets, like the one where favorites Newbee lost to Team Kinguin in a BO1.

Other than losing the aforementioned game to Kinguin, Newbee have looked quite convincing beating NaVi and LGD. LGD beat EG in a BO1 and did so in style against EG lycan pick. On the other hand, EG beat Kinguin in a loser’s round 2. All this combined makes this tournament very enjoyable and interesting. Any team can beat any other team. However, Newbee have proved time and time again that they have what it takes to go far in tournaments. They have won the last ESL tournament and are looking to win this one too.

EG had a bumpy start in the first round losing to LGD. That’s quite typical for this team since they traditionally have problems performing at the start of almost every tournament they play. They have been on the rise since than and playing better and better. They still have to fix some issues they are facing when playing but all in all they look pretty good and well rounded.

Prediction – Both teams failed in early best of one series and have looked better and better as they progress through the rounds. Now it’s time to face the music and decide which team will proceed to play on the main stage and which team will go home. I think Newbee are a better team at the moment and should definitely win this series. It’s not that Evil Geniuses have no chance, but their chances are slim. Newbee has more strats available and their Naga pick is always a huge problem to deal with. I will go with Newbee winning this one.

My odds for this match: NewBee 68:32 Evil Genuises

Option 1Bet NewBee if odds 68% or less

Medium (9%)

medium risk

Tipster Analysis

Qingno(星球墜落)Follow 545th 319 -71.24 -1.3% Rep: 0

My tip: NewBee 11

Newbee win with odds 1.33 or more.

Well, lost 2 % due to bet on China match yesterday, fucking coin toss game, however Newbee really did an amazing job yesterday by winning against LGD. EG up against Kinguin is definitely favors on EG to win so there is nothing to be surprised, I only bet on Kinguin due to payout odds.

Furthermore, Newbee been dominating and stay their top 3 place for a month, I do not think they will lose to EG here.

LinixFollow 170th 61 +10.60 0.9% Rep: 1

My tip: Evil Genuises 20

Newbee lost 1 versus Kinguin, EG destroyed 2-0 Kinguin.
EG lost 1 to LGD, Newbee won 2-1 LGD.
With odds of 3.00, Ill take EG any days.

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