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Vici Gaming

Dota 2
ESL One Katowice

Best Of
2018/02/25 14:00 UTC

Winner Virtus Pro
Virtus Pro

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Vici Gaming vs. Virtus Pro Dota 2

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Grand finals time! Both teams most definitely deserved to be in the finals and are playing out of their minds right now. It will be sad that one teams has to lose. Each team has it’s own style and while Virtus Pro drafts might seem more versatile, Vici Gaming is very versatile in execution of seemingly same pick every game (Naga, Gyro, etc.).

Virtus Pro is playing their first tournament after changing Lil for Rodjer. They are doing really well and seem to enjoy their play. A very confident team looking to secure more points on their way to The International 8. They love Gyro, Lifestealer and Dragon Knight picks which means they love very strong lanes in all of theri games, one of the reasons why they value Disruptor so much as a pick and have been doing so for quite some time now.

On the other side Vici Gaming is a team that doesn’t mind losing their lanes if they drafted to defend their high-ground easily. Only thing the rely heavily on is a lot of crowd control. CC is so important to them they will almost always first pick a hero that provides CC (Titan, Naga, etc.). Even though their picks are a bit stale, their playstyle definitely isn’t. Their Coach Mikasa is a mastermind that can have layers to seemingly same picks and plan completely different strategies with same heroes. Insanely high individual skill of VG players allows him to do just that.

Prediction – I would have to go with VG this time around. They have already beat Liquid 2 series in this tournament, they also beat VP 2-0 right after winning their series against Liquid in the group. While VP is playing great I don’t think they can do much to VG that already bested them. It feels they will need to play together with Rodjer for just a bit longer to be able to beat teams like VG or Liquid.

My odds for this match: Vici Gaming 59:41 Virtus Pro

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Tipster Analysis

Qingno(星球墜落)Follow 524th 319 -71.24 -1.3% Rep: 0

My tip: Virtus Pro 20

VP win with odds 2.19 or more.

2%, I will go for higher payout odds here, VP did upset EG with 2.2 payout odds as well. Although VG won against Liquid, however that only happens when Liquid not banning Naga Siren.
I believe VP will not do the same mistake here, furthermore, we should live bet on VP when they ban naga siren.

Frasse007Follow 525th 291 -71.39 -1.3% Rep: 0

My tip: Vici Gaming 20

VICI Gaming have been SOOO solid this tournament so losing the final seems impossible to me

ZodiacFollow 5th 1150 +1,765.09 7.7% Rep: 1

My tip: Vici Gaming 20

this will be close but in the end vici must have this

LinixFollow 159th 61 +10.60 0.9% Rep: 1

My tip: Vici Gaming 20

ViCi Gaming beating Team Liquid twice 2-1. ViCi is HOT at the moment.

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