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League of Legends Predictions

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The Internet has become an avenue for bettors all around the world. Esports is one of the most popular games people place wagers on. The growing fame of the competitive gaming made it possible for people to bet with Bitcoin. Among many Esports, League of Legends remains to be a people’s favorite. It was released in 2009 by Riot Games. The game’s impressive visual design never fails to amaze players especially those from the Far East nations including China, Taiwan, and South Korea where its market is very huge. It has over 100 million players in 2016. LoL is a Massively Multiplayer Online in which players fight each other in 1v1, or up to 5v5 on different maps and game styles.


In League of Legends, your ultimate goal in this game is to destroy the opponent’s castle. To reach the opponent’s base, the player’s unit are guided through a path called a ‘lane’. Each team has a group of units called ‘creeps’. The creeps go down the lane to to attack the opponent’s towers and units. Players control a ‘Champion’ that has unique abilities and battle against other players. At the beginning of every match, the heroes come off as weak, and their characters progress and their strength increase by accumulating items and experience throughout the game.

Betting on League of Legends

Once you sign up for an account on a sportsbook to bet on League of Legends, you are entitled to some bonuses when you meet certain wagering requirements. One of the most common bonuses is the match bonus. When receiving a League of Legends match bonus, you get a percentage of your initial deposit to add to your bankroll. Some sportsbooks offer you a free bet bonus. This risk-free LoL bet lets you deposit and place a bet. When you lose, you can redeem your loss with a free bet bonus.

Other than the bonus, you could play League of Legends on your mobile phone. Even when you’re on the go, you could play the game anytime you want. You also get excellent League of Legend odds. Moreover, you get the convenience of having smooth mobile payments. For fund transfers, you have a lot of options. There are some betting sites that accept both Bitcoin and fiat currencies.

We added League of Legends predictions to Tipify in March 2017, so it might take a while to build up momentum with the tipsters, but I’m sure our €50 prize pool for the top tipster will help.

Types of LoL wagers

In betting on LoL, you could choose from three different wagers. You could place wagers on the match winner, series winner, or first team to X amount of kills. Betting on a match winner means you are placing a wager on the team is going to win the next map. Betting on a series winner means you are placing a wager on the team you think will win the entire series. Lastly, betting on the first team to X amount of kills means you are placing a wager on the squad you think will get an established amount of frags first. Start betting on League of Legends now and have a wonderful betting experience.

The list below shows all the matches available for League of Legends, the green ticks indicate the predictions from profitable tipsters, the red ticks indicate the predictions from all tipsters.



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