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Gigabyte Adonis Marines

League of Legends
World Championship

Best Of 1
2017/10/12 07:00 UTC

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Longzhu Gaming


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Marines vs. Longzhu

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Longzhu Gaming has looked mightly impressive so far throughout the group stages and, in their last win against Fnatic, they displayed the ability to flex their muscles as they reached into their diverse champion pool – pulling out the Nasus to secure the fastest win of the World Championships to date against Fnatic.

GAM, on the other hand, has failed to impress since their shock win against Fnatic. Despite trying to be the wildcard who throws up shock compositions, GAM really hasn’t done that in their last 2 games – instead they’ve made simply confusing decisions that have seen them get easily swept aside by the opposition. In their last game against IMT, for example, they picked a standard composition but then put heal and ignite on the Lulu support – rendering their Kog’Maw defenceless and their bot lane dead as IMT kept on picking on the flashless Lulu.

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My odds for this match: Gigabyte Adonis Marines 18:82 Longzhu Gaming


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