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Dallas Fuel


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2018/02/22 02:00 UTC

Winner Dallas Fuel
Shanghai Dragons

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Dallas Fuel vs. Shanghai Dragons Overwatch

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Predictor Hot Pick

Dallas Fuel has brought in Rascal and Akm to their roster. Rascal has not been announced yet, but we expect the announcement to come out soon. Dallas Fuel had the worst meta possible for them in Stage 1. Their gameplay relies on getting picks and moving forth from there. The mercy meta basically allowed teams to correct their mistakes.

The new players for Dallas Fuel complete their roster to a large extent. Rascal definitely is a very talented personnel. He can play Pharah and Genji to a high extent. Going in accordance with the Dallas Fuel motto, he can also play a plethora of different heroes such as Mei, Sombra, Doomfist etc.

They face off against Shanghai Dragons. The Chinese roster has added new players to the team, but we will not be seeing them this match. The four new players for Shanghai Dragons will only arrive in the middle of Stage 2.

We recommend a bet on Dallas Fuel. They have the new players available to the team and that definitely will encourage them to perform better. Akm and Rascal are amazing players.

My odds for this match: Dallas Fuel 83:17 Shanghai Dragons

Option 1Bet Dallas Fuel if odds 83% or less
Dallas Fuel

Large (15%)

low risk

Tipster Analysis

dullerthreadFollow 152nd 109 -214.56 -10% Rep: 0

My tip: Dallas Fuel 20

I feel like Dallas is the more skilled team in this matchup, i can't see them not winning this.

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