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Florida Mayhem


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2018/01/20 02:00 UTC

Winner Florida Mayhem
Shanghai Dragons

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Florida Mayhem vs. Shanghai Dragons Overwatch

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Florida Mayhem

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Shanghai Dragons

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The battle of the last place is what can aptly describe this matchup. Both the teams have fallen flat on their face so far. While Shanghai Dragons has taken the majority of the heat, we have also seen Florida not put up anything special for us to witness.

Shanghai Dragons have been under a lot of fire recently wherein they have been called out by the community for their poor results. This is despite almost practicing for twelve hours daily. The team has not been able to put forth a synergy between their tanks and supports. We keep trying to see the synergy, but it is non-existent. But we see the individual plays from the DPS players and that is what gives us some hope. The biggest disadvantage for the roster remains their extremely poor support lineup. The ultimate usage by the supports is not at the same level of other players in the Overwatch League.

Florida Mayhem have a very good dive composition. They are extremely good on dive, but if Shanghai Come up with something of a good anti-dive situation as we have seen them bring about on maps such as horizon Lunar colony, it would be detrimental to the Florida Offense. We have not seen any other team composition being played with success for the Florida roster and as such, they might be at their wits end coming into the match if Shanghai are somehow able to defend against the dive.

This is a very risky bet and it might be better if you only place a small bet here. We recommend a low bet on Shanghai Dragons for this match.

My odds for this match: Florida Mayhem 49:51 Shanghai Dragons

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