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Houston Outlaws


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2018/02/01 04:00 UTC

Winner Houston Outlaws
SF Shock

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Houston Outlaws vs. SF Shock Overwatch

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dullerthreadFollow 200th 126 -246.56 -9.9% Rep: 0

My tip: Houston Outlaws 20

houston has been on a tear recently, absolutely destroying every team in their path and I see the same going to happen this match. there is no reason to bet SF shock, they are not the same caliber as this houston team, and they don't even preform the best on most maps in the OWL. I can maybe, just maybe see SF getting one map (3rd or 4th) but the chances of that happening are pretty slim to none. Here is a fun challenge for you. Flip a coin 10 times, if you get heads 10 times in a row bet on SF shock, chances are you will get a tails in those 10 haha :D. I think this is a very safe bet and you will be glad you bet on Houston. If you have never watched the OWL, this might be a good time to relax after betting on Houston and watch the maps. I don't personally play overwatch but now I understand it better than most of my friends! I also recommend to chose a team that even may represent your local city or state. Houston has one of the strongest fan bases in the OWL and they are run by Hector "Hecz" Rodriguez, CEO of OpTic Gaming, one of the largest and oldest esports organizations in the world. Tl;dr: Bet on Houston. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the game.bring a snack while you are at it

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