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NY Excelsior


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2018/01/20 21:00 UTC

Winner NY Excelsior
La Gladiators


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NY Excelsior vs. LA Gladiators Overwatch

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Predictor Hot Pick

New York Excelsior are rising to the top along with London Spitfire and Seoul Dynasty. The three Korean teams are already leaving their mark on the Overwatch League and the western teams just seem to be playing catchup. During their last match we saw teams finally learning to counter Pine and not provide him with the same space as he was done in other matches. Hence we didnt see him pop off as a Mcree earlier. However that provides a lot more space for the rest of NYXL to make huge plays and that is what we saw previously as well. We saw Saebyeolbe performing amazing on his Tracer and widowmaker as he went ham against his opponents.

Los Angeles Gladiators are currently in the middle of the pack and will be looking to make some inroads towards the top of the table. They have a very capable roster which can perform to the top level. WIth Shaz and BigGoose on the team we expect this team to make huge plays with their Zenyatta being an almost tertiary source of damage. After all Shaz is the second best player on Zenyatta, but guess who is the first. Its Jjonak. This match will be interesting for the Shaz vs Jjonak matchup and seeing who will win that particular matchup.

We think NYXL should be able to win this match with ease and recommend a big bet on them for this match.

My odds for this match: NY Excelsior 90:10 La Gladiators

Option 1Bet NY Excelsior if odds 90% or less
NY Excelsior

Large (15%)

low risk


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