eSport betting tips: Beat the odds


I suspect a lot of the oddities are due to having your tipster history wiped yesterday. But you’ve raised a lot of points which are definitely confusing parts of the site I’m working to resolve.

“Global stats different from competition stats”

The global scale is alltime, so for every tipster who’s visited our site and left a tip, across all eSports. There’s currently a massively confusing divide between the global stats and the monthly competition stats.

This is a legacy issue (which we’re working to resolve) from when the tipster functionality was just used as a ‘bet tracker’. Essentially when you leave a tip on a match, you set a stake between 1% and 20% of your inventory after a few bets you might be putting down 1% stakes worth $40. However, in the competition 1% just translates to a stake of 1.

So the profit between your global profile stats and the competition could be wildly different (and usually are).

“Rank #999999”

New users get given rank #999999 for their first few tips until their proper rank number is worked out.