eSport betting tips: If in doubt, Tipify it!

About Tipify

Tipify has it’s roots set firmly in eSports, particularly in CSGO. Despite the Tipify brand starting in October 2016, the history of the site is actually much longer.

Founded in late 2014 by Para^ under the domain name The website became an overnight asset to the CS:GO betting community with free betting predictions from a small team.

In July 2015 Para^ teamed up with Lex to redevelop, expand and evolve the site to include a range of tools including stats, livestreams, news, analysis, bet tracking and a community of tipsters. This site was called CSGOHUB and aimed to bring the best of everything to the world of CS:GO. With the introduction of a premium membership, the company PARALEX Media Ltd was formed in late November 2015 to ensure the future success of the website by guaranteeing a full-time focus.

Six months later in March 2016 the team expanded into Dota 2, forming the website Dota2Hub.

By October 2016, with the intention of further expansion across other eSports, the decision was made to create a single website fit for any eSport. This is where the Tipify brand was born and CSGOHUB was transformed into a central point for eSport betting tips.

Now we are a team of highly trained eSport predictors who take predicting matches to another level. From researching the importance of a match, to how many hours the individual players have played that week, to how a specific player is feeling that day. We leave no stone unturned in giving you guys the best possible predictions we can. Helping you to turn those skins into something all of your friends are jealous of. We understand how to play the odds in betting, understand which bets are smart and which are not, and understand how to make a profit for you.

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