Joven 11 Rep.

Access expired, reluctant to renew without more comprehensive predictions

Simply put I need the predictors to adapt to how bets are done now and start giving their ATS (against the spread) predictions. I don’t know how many times I need to say it, but this isn’t lounge anymore. I don’t care that the predictor has SK>NRG or C9>mouz or anything it’s pointless. I need to know whether the predictors think that SK-5.5>NRG or C9-2.5>mouz is good. No one is betting SK at 1.110 odds or at least no one who is profitable. Heck no one should even be making bets at 1.3 odds unless it’s for a parlay which is already a losing proposition.

It seems like I brought this up and myzz tried doing it for 1 or 2 predictions then completely stopped, Stan & Kristyboi never tried. I would be happy to renew my subscription if the predictors started giving predictions ATS even if it’s just a footnote in the predictions. In the meantime, these predictions aren’t helping me make any informed decisions since I need to figure out ATS myself.

Thank you for reading,

Kristyboi answered