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Confusion about the stats on the tipster competition vs your tipster profile

There’s been a lot of confusion surrounding the differences between the stats on your tipster profile vs the tipster competition scoreboard.

I’m going to try and clarify this for everyone cause I agree it’s a bit of a mess right now.

Essentially there are two systems at work here…

System 1: All time leaderboard
When you first register on Tipify you get $100 to play with. Every time you leave a tip, your profits contribute to this. If you place a tip, you use a percentage of this. So a large bet at 20% would be $20, but after a few weeks, if your on a roll and your balance is now $1000, a large bet would be $200.

System 2: Tipster Competition
The competition tries to make it fair for new users alongside veteran tipsters. For this sake, the users balance is ignored. Instead, we look at the % size of the bet used and switch it to a fixed amount e.g. 20% = $20 stake, 5% = $5 stake.

So why the difference?
The stake sizes can be vastly different, so bets are more or less profitable or destructive. A tipster like NitoxDoan’s 1% bet could be a stake of $200 on the alltime leaderboard, but is limited to just a $1 stake in the competition.

The result is a big discrepancy between the competition results and your personal profile results

What’s the solution?
I’m currently looking at alternative setups to bring the two closer together. In a perfect world, you view your profile and it shows what profit you got in December which matches your profit in the competition. The only way we can achieve this is to have the same stakes for everyone.

Solution #1…
No more % tips, stakes are fixed at 1 to 20 (or 10 to 50 or something similar). The same for everyone, across both alltime stats and competition stats

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