[SL]-JOE 5 Rep.


Day 3 main event , Top 8 teams.
Bad predictions for yesterday, Chinese were all down except old boys.
VP’s flawless performance in Boston major makes them the top1 favorite, best timing to go Yolo on EG, home team advantage plus EG always manage to get to top4 / final in big tour.
WG,huge surprise,blackhorse in BostonMajor, Sea’s last hope, i’m not gonna place bet on this match coz im supporting them. If i had to bet, OG is still the better choice ofcoz.
In my opinion, This tournament’s top3 = DC VP EG, NP won 2-1 againts ehome by hero picks yesterday, but don’t think they can do it again, DC know NP much well than chinese do. 2-0 / 2-1 to DC.
Xiao8’s victory againts Maybe was huge surprise for me too, but still i don’t think this last chinese team can win this tournament , 50-50 againts ad finem , their luck will stop at top8 or semi.

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