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Planned Tipster Improvements, suggestions welcome

Hey Guys,

I’m hoping to focus some time in December / January making some improvements to the tipster functionality.

I want to make this thread an open discussion and build up a list of things you’d like to see incorporated into the updates. Anything you think would add value to you and other users around.

Currently planned…

Clearer profit over time
A user profile to have a clearer breakdown of whether they’re profitable or not. Currently one number represents the profit over the lifetime of the tipsters account. I’d intend to add a profit: 10 days | 1 month | 6 months | 1 year | Lifetime

Then if a tipster is having a bad month, users will have a clearer understanding of whether to follow their tips.

Switching to Decimal Odds
Since lounge is dead and gone, Tipify switched to real-money odds, but kept the percentage format (implied probability), the trouble with this is that it’s tricky to calculate the returns, and it’s a little confusing since it doesn’t add up to 100%. So we’ll switch to use the new esports betting standard format, decimal.

Top 5 tipsters
On each match, we get a few of the top tipsters leaving their tips, but then also get a ton of new users leaving tips which aren’t worth following since the users success rates aren’t yet know. I’m hoping to have the match page separate these users, so the top 5 or so tipsters stand separate adding more presence to their tips, as well as offering some more details on the tipster profitability and follow buttons.

A tip sheet based entirely off users you follow
As the title suggests. If you follow 5 tipsters and a predictor. We’ll build a specific sheet so you can get an overview of just their tips.

Any more ideas?
I’ll update this thread as I think of new ideas and also if there are any strong ideas in the comments section, I’ll update this list.

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