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Quiet Devs: What are we up to?

Hey guys, apologies for going dark for this week. I’ve had my head stuck into some dirty database work and my brain is melting out my ear. Before I go for a well deserved weekend, I’ll let you know what I’m up to…

Rankings for each eSport!
At the moment there is one global ranking list https://www.tipify.gg/tipsters/ then, if you click on a tipster, you see their profit, call count stats etc.

However, the major problem with this is that the profit is very misleading when a tipster crosses to a different esport, especially if a tipster has made 500 calls for CS:GO and a ton of profit, but lost every Dota game they’ve ever called.

So I’m currently rebuilding a lot of the backend of the site to ensure that we have a global ranking but also an eSport specific ranking (and all the stats to come along with it). So you can see a tipster is 2nd in CS:GO tips, but 1000th in Dota tips.

It’ll also mean tipsters can dabble with other eSports without ruining their performance stats.

So it’s been a lot of foundation work this week, but it’s all good stuff. But, this will lead the way for a ton of other updates which help ensure that you’re only following the tipsters worth listening to.

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