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We identify the winners with pin point accuracy. We favour a high strike rates opposed to high odds to keep you winning consistently. Our research and analysis is not a hunch or a bet on our favourite teams, thereby creating you profit over time.

Beat the odds with early predictions

With our early prediction access, you can plan your bets effectively and get the best odds early. No waiting for the last 30 minutes and getting poor profit for your bet.

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We have created the largest Tipster Community in esports, this active community are always betting on all the games. Become part of this amazing community and follow the tips or compete with them for monthly cash prizes and build a following your friends will be jealous of.

Follow the leading Tipsters

If you don't want to follow the predictors or they aren't covering a niche series you're into, follow the leading Tipsters to help you find profit. We have hundreds of profitable Tipsters, some with over $1000 in profits.

Advanced Inventory Bet Tracker

Track each one of your bets and view your performance and inventory growth over time via your personal Tipster profile. Compare it to other members and get tips from professionals on on how to improve your betting methods via our community forums or premium chat.

Betting Calculator

New to betting or need to be more strict on the amount wagered? Use our betting calculator to match the amount you should place with the % displayed by our analysts & tipsters. This tool will assist you in making profit by the end of the month.

Realtime Odds Checkers

We're tracking the odds from our esport betting providers, gain the advantage on the odds by watching them decend and place a bet.

Connect With Our Community & Staff

We've added a chat box for all Prime Members to use! All our predictors will actively chat and interact with you and their predictions and answer and questions you may have. This chat also sits next to the live streams allowing you to connect with users during the game.

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