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Tipster Rep Leaderboard

On Tipify, we let our tipsters share their thoughts and analysis on matches. This prompts some great analysis, but also sometimes trolls. To keep things in check, we’ve got a rep system. Each time a user posts analysis, they can be up or down voted based on the quality of the analysis.

Below is a list of the tipsters who have the best rep on Tipify.

(Tipster Rep tracking was introduced 21 March, the leaderboard below might look a little empty for a few weeks while it starts to fill up)


How do I gain rep?

When you leave a tip on a match, write a paragraph or two to say why you think that team will win. Write about the teams past form or players who are in or out for this match. Share this with the community, if other members like your analysis, they’ll up vote your tip and you’ll gain rep.

How do I give someone rep?

When you see a tipster has left analysis, you can up or down vote their analysis. If a tip goes past -3 rep, it’ll be hidden from the page (great for getting rid of trolls). If you up vote their analysis, they’ll appear higher up the page.